The Rune Altar is one of two ways to collect runes for the learning your spells. Crafting these runes will add XP to your Arcane Forge. The other way to collect Runes is by opening Loot Boxes.

Each type of rune needs a certain level to craft. They also need a Blank Rune, which can be crafted using the command [nya!rpg arcane forge blank rune]. Each type of rune also needs special gemstones. These are Sunstones, Darkstones, Earthstones, Skystones, Oceanstones and Starstones. These can be bought from the RPG Shop.

You can find your Special Gemstones on page 6 of your inventory [nya!rpg inv 6] or [nya!rpg inv gem]. You can also find your Runes on page 7 of your inventory [nya!rpg inv 7] or [nya!rpg inv rune].

The image to the right is the Arcane Forging image as shown on your profile.

Weak Runes

Weak Runes can be made right away.

Item Command
Weak Fire nya!rpg rune altar weak fire
Weak Water nya!rpg rune altar weak water
Weak Dark nya!rpg rune altar weak dark
Weak Light nya!rpg rune altar weak light
Weak Air nya!rpg rune altar weak air
Weak Earth nya!rpg rune altar weak earth

Normal Runes

Normal Runes need level ten in the Arcane Forge.

Item Command
Normal Fire nya!rpg rune altar fire
Normal Water nya!rpg rune altar water
Normal Dark nya!rpg rune altar dark
Normal Light nya!rpg rune altar light
Normal Air nya!rpg rune altar air
Normal Earth nya!rpg rune altar earth

Strong Runes

Strong Runes need level twenty in the Arcane Forge.

Item Command
Strong Fire nya!rpg rune altar strong fire
Strong Water nya!rpg rune altar strong water
Strong Dark nya!rpg rune altar strong dark
Strong Light nya!rpg rune altar strong light
Strong Air nya!rpg rune altar strong air
Strong Earth nya!rpg rune altar strong earth

Supreme Runes

NEW! Coming Soon Supreme Runes need level seventy (so Mastery 1 - 5 levels) in the Arcane Forge.

Item Command
Supreme Fire Unknown
Supreme Water Unknown
Supreme Dark Unknown
Supreme Light Unknown
Supreme Air Unknown
Supreme Earth Unknown

Mastered Runes

NEW! Coming Soon Mastered Runes need level one hundred and forty (so Mastery 2 - 10 levels) in the Arcane Forge.

Item Command
Mastered Fire Unknown
Mastered Water Unknown
Mastered Dark Unknown
Mastered Light Unknown
Mastered Air Unknown
Mastered Earth Unknown
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