Neko Chan's RPG has ten races. These races are Angel; Demon; Dragonblood; Dwarf; Elven; Human; Orc; Shadowborn; Vampire and Werewolf. However, four races are patron only.

Each race has three abilities. All as of April 2019 are Not Active. So we are unsure how they work or what they do. So this page is purely a WIP (work in progress).

Please note, you can only see this list when you are creating your character or if the developer adds something to the Character Creation area.

Free Races

Race Name
Dwarf Skull Bash Dark Hammer Sharpened Steel
Elven Meteor Arrow Astral Mark Mark of Death
Human Holy Judgment Total Annihilation Gale-force Blade
Orc Iron Strike Brutal Strike Hunter's Insinct
Vampire Corrupted Origin Bloody Desire Bloody Frenzy
Werewolf Berserker Claw Beast Slash Bite

Patron Race

Angel and Demon can be picked while as a Diamand, Onyx, Neko, RPG Premium II and III Ranks. Dragonblood and Shadowborn can be picked while as an Onyx, Neko and RPG Premium III Ranks.

Race Name
Angel Saintly Judgement Torch of Hope Creator's Calling
Demon Sinner's Cage Cruel Delight Ghost Dance
Dragonblood Dragon's Tears Dragon Charge Dragon Fury
Shadowborn Soul Curse Shadowstep Hidden Shadow
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