Where can I get Loot Boxes?

  • Neko Patreon subscription
  • Boss Battles
  • Beast hunting
  • Pet Quests
  • Randomly from using [nya!rpg worship @(player name)]
  • Collecting your Voter bonus [nya!voter bonus]
  • Only way to find Demonic Loot Boxes, is by killing a Demonic Lord.

What are the different Loot Boxes?

As of August 2019 there are Six.

What can I get from them?

Depending on the Loot Box you open will depend on what you will find in it. See Donate Item Quality to see what you might get. Unsure if the Mythic Loot Boxes have a full listing of items yet. Demonic Loot Boxes don't have a list of loot, so they are hidden.

Where can I find them?

They are found on the five page of your Inventory, you can use any one of these commands [nya!rpg inv loot] [nya!rpg inv 5] [nya!open] to see them. Demonic Loot Boxes are hidden, please wait for another update.

How do I open them?

NEW UPDATE - As of May 2019, you can now open 25 Loot Boxes at once. You can open up to twenty-five boxes at once. Just add a number between 1 and 25 to the end of the command.

Item Command
List of Loot Boxes nya!open
Common nya!open common
Rare nya!open rare
Epic nya!open epic
Legendary nya!open legendary
Mythic nya!open mythic
Demonic You can't find or open them yet.
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