Iron Equipment is one of the five Stage I Equipment types, you will be able to make.


These are the command to make the equipment:

  • [nya!rpg forge iron weapon]
  • [nya!rpg forge iron armour]
  • [nya!rpg arcane forge iron amulet]
  • [nya!rpg forge iron greaves]
  • [nya!rpg forge iron gauntlets]
  • [nya!rpg forge iron boots]

Items Needed

You will need the following items to make your Iron Equipment.

  • Iron Ingots
  • Copper Ingots
  • Silver Ingots
  • Tin Ingots
  • Monazit Ingots
  • Wood Planks
  • Silverwood Planks
  • Amethyst
  • Leather
  • Moonstone

Iron Ore; Copper Ore; Silver Ore; Tin Ore and Monazit Ore can be found while Mining and then made into Ingots by Smelting. At higher levels of mining, you'll be able to mine Amethyst.

Wood Logs and Silverwood Logs can be found while Wood Cutting and then made into Planks by Crafting.

The Leather and Moonstone need to be bought from the shop.

However all of these items can also be found in Loot boxes and in the shop. Below is a list of how many you will need, how much they all cost and when they open up in the shop.

Monazit Ore or Ingots can not be found in the shop or in loot boxes, yet.

Shopping List

Items Amount Cost in shop Shows at Total
Iron Ingots 63 890 Lvl 25 56,070
Copper Ingots 16 355 Lvl 5 5,680
Silver Ingots 3 770 Lvl 10 2,310
Tin Ingots 10 1,140 Lvl 25 11,400
Monazit Ingots 7
Wood Planks 3 1,110 Lvl 10 3,330
Silverwood Planks 2 3,050 Lvl 30 6,100
Leather 77 280 Lvl 5 21,560
Amethyst 3 6,000 Lvl 10 18,000
Moonstone 1 5,000 Lvl 10 5,000

Stat Boosts and Upgrades

Once you have the whole set, your Attack, Defence and Magic Attack will get an extra boost of +2 to each stat.

  • Amulet > Boosts your Magic Attack by +1
  • Armour > Boosts your Defence by +1
  • Weapon > Boosts your Attack by +1
  • Greaves > Boosts your Defence by +1 and your Max HP by +1
  • Gauntlets > Boosts your Defence by +1 and your Max HP by +1
  • Boots > Boosts your Agility by +1 and your Dodge by 1%

Once you have all of your Iron Equipment, you are then able to use the Blacksmith to upgrade them even more. Each of these items can be upgraded 5 times. You will need 75 Equipment Upgrade Tokens for this.

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