Eating foods is the best way to heal oneself. Raw foods give some health back. While cooked foods give way better health and five cooked foods even give stamina.

Class Healing

If you have taken the class Priest, you cause use your Healing Touch. You are able to heal yourself with [nya!rpg heal p] or heal other players with [nya!rpg heal p @(name)]. However this skill has a cool down of 30 minutes. So the rest of the time you will need to eat. If you're Wisdom is over level fourty-eight and you're in a battle, you are able to heal yourself and everyone that's battling the boss with your Holy Light, [nya!rpg fm holy light], Holy Light has a cool down of 45 minutes.

If you have taken the class Mage, and your in a battle, you are now about to heal yourself for 10% of your Matk, using the command [nya!rpg fm soul seeker]. Like the Priest's Healing Touch this also has a 30 minute cool down.

Food Healing

Raw Food
Item HP Command
Raw Chicken - 16 nya!rpg eat raw_chicken
Raw Rabbit + 8 nya!rpg eat raw_rabbit
Potato + 10 nya!rpg eat potato
Raw Pork + 12 nya!rpg eat raw_pork
Rice + 12 nya!rpg eat rice
Raw Fish + 14 nya!rpg eat raw_fish
Watermelon + 15 nya!rpg eat watermelon
Pumpkin + 17 nya!rpg eat pumpkin
Beetroot + 18 nya!rpg eat beetroot
Raw Lamb + 18 nya!rpg eat raw_lamb
Raw Deer + 21 nya!rpg eat raw_deer
Raw Beef + 29 nya!rpg eat raw_beef
Raw Boar + 32 nya!rpg eat raw_boar
Raw Carp + 33 nya!rpg eat raw_carp
Raw Mackerel + 34

nya!rpg eat raw_mackerel

Cooked Foods - Health only
Item HP Command
Bread + 22 nya!rpg eat bread
Cooked Rice + 25 nya!rpg eat cooked_rice
Cooked Rabbit + 81 nya!rpg eat cooked_rabbit
Cooked Chicken + 94 nya!rpg eat cooked_chicken
Cooked Pork + 106 nya!rpg eat cooked_pork
Cooked Lamb + 127 nya!rpg eat cooked_lamb
Cooked Deer + 139 nya!rpg eat cooked_deer
Cooked Beef + 154 nya!rpg eat cooked_beef
Cooked Boar + 173 nya!rpg eat cooked_boar
Cooked Foods - Health & Stamina
Item HP Stamina Command
Cooked Fish + 35 7 nya!rpg eat cooked_fish
Roast Pumpkin + 60 10 nya!rpg eat roast_pumpkin
Baked Potato + 100 17 nya!rpg eat baked_potato
Cooked Carp + 128 23 nya!rpg eat cooked_carp
Cooked Mackerel + 146 27 nya!rpg eat cooked_mackerel
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