Drinks where added in the March 2020 update. They use the new Coffee seeds, which we farm and collect Coffee. Then we roast and grind the Coffee into Coffee Powder. The Coffee Powder is then cooked with a Wooden Log to make a special Coffee.

The Wood is crafted into a mug, which the Coffee is served in.

Cup of Coffee Type Stamina Commands
Wood Coffee 40 nya!rpg drink wood_coffee
Silverwood Coffee 50 nya!rpg drink silverwood_coffee
Bloodwood Coffee 60 nya!rpg drink bloodwood_coffee
Arcane Wood Coffee 70 nya!rpg drink arcane_wood_coffee
Ethereal Coffee 80 nya!rpg drink ethereal_coffee
Frost Wood Coffee 90 nya!rpg drink frost_wood_coffee
Flame Wood Coffee 100 nya!rpg drink flame_wood_coffee
Dark Wood Coffee 110 nya!rpg drink dark_wood_coffee
Hellbark Coffee 120 nya!rpg drink hellbark_coffee
Ironwood Coffee 130 nya!rpg drink ironwood_coffee
Greatwood Coffee 140 nya!rpg drink greatwood_coffee
Kapok Wood Coffee 150 nya!rpg drink kapok_wood_coffee
Meranti Wood Coffee 160 nya!rpg drink meranti_wood_coffee
Sipiri Wood Coffee 170 nya!rpg drink sipiri_wood_coffee
Myrtle Ebony Wood Coffee 180 nya!rpg drink myrtle_ebony_wood_coffee
Dreamwood Coffee 300 nya!rpg drink dreamwood_coffee
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