Main Commands

  • Buying - [nya!buy item coffee_seed (amount)]
  • Farming - [nya!rpg farm coffee]
  • Cooking - [nya!rpg cook coffee]

Coffee Seed

Coffee seeds can be bought from the shop, however this is the only seed that can be bought weekly.

These seeds were added as part of the March 2020 update, bringing the seed count up to nine. Like all the other seeds, you can find them in your inventory on page 1, [nya!rpg inv seeds], in the Seeds area. For info use [nya!info coffee seed].

You can buy these seeds in bulk, up to 20 at a time from the RPG Shop with the command [nya!buy item coffee_seed (amount)]. Players can buy up to 20 Coffee seeds Weekly.

The command to use these seeds is [nya!rpg farm coffee]. Coffee seeds will only ever give you One Coffee bean, no matter how high your Mastery or Level is, in Farming.

Coffee Bean

Coffee as it is seen on the Cooking menu or Coffee Bean as is seen in your inventory can be found on page 4, [nya!rpg inv food], under Raw Food. For info use [nya!info coffee].

The command to use these beans is [nya!rpg cook coffee]. Three Coffee beans will only ever give you One Coffee Powder, no matter how high your Mastery or Level is, in Cooking.

Coffee Powder

Coffee Powder is found on page 4 of your inventory, [nya!rpg inv food], under Raw Food. For info use [nya!info coffee powder].

To use Coffee Powder you must mix it in a mug made out of a log. Below is a list of commands to make your Coffees.

One Coffee Powder + One Wood Log of your choice, will only ever give you One cup of that Coffee, no matter how high your Mastery or Level is, in Cooking.

Cups of Coffee Command
Wood Coffee nya!rpg cook wood coffee
Silverwood Coffee nya!rpg cook silverwood coffee
Bloodwood Coffee nya!rpg cook bloodwood coffee
Arcane Wood Coffee nya!rpg cook arcane wood coffee
Ethereal Coffee nya!rpg cook ethereal coffee
Frost Wood Coffee nya!rpg cook frost wood coffee
Flame Wood Coffee nya!rpg cook flame wood coffee
Dark Wood Coffee nya!rpg cook dark wood coffee
Hellbark Coffee nya!rpg cook hellbark coffee
Ironwood Coffee nya!rpg cook ironwood coffee
Greatwood Coffee nya!rpg cook greatwood coffee
Kapok Wood Coffee nya!rpg cook kapok wood coffee
Meranti Wood Coffee nya!rpg cook meranti wood coffee
Sipiri Wood Coffee nya!rpg cook sipiri wood coffee
Myrtle Ebony Wood Coffee nya!rpg cook myrtle ebony wood coffee
Dreamwood Coffee nya!rpg cook dreamwood coffee

Cups of Coffee

Cups of Coffee should be found on page 8 of your inventory, however right now, page 8 is missing.

Best way to find what Cups of Coffee you have is by using the command [nya!rpg drink]. See Drinks for commands on how to use these wonderful items.

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