Class Evolution

The classes you can pick from are Assassin, Hunter, Mage, Priest and Warrior. However as of the the January 2020 updates, a new class was added. That new class is Brute. Also added during that update was the ability to evolve.

That's right. You are now able to evolve your class. This evolution happens at Prestige 10 Level 100.

Class Evolution Chain
Assassin Death Knight
Brute Berserker
Hunter Ranger
Mage Arch-Mage
Priest Divine Prophet
Warrior Knight

Each class also has two special skills. All classes start out with their first skill. For your second Skill, you will need to Study train [nya!rpg study train] to level forty-eight.

For you to learn the second skill you will also need twenty Lifestones and five each of the Strong Rune Stones.

  • Skill One has a 30 minute cool down.
  • Skill Two has a 45 minute cool down.
  • The commands for each of these skills are shown below.

Class Skills

Assassin > Death Knight

Spectral Slash and Back Slash. The command to learn Back Slash is [nya!rpg study back slash].

Using these: [nya!rpg fm spectral slash] and [nya!rpg fm back slash].

Brute > Berserker

Force Crush and Breaking Blade. The command to learn Breaking Blade is [nya!rpg study breaking blade].

Using these: [nya!rpg fm force crush] and [nya!rpg fm breaking blade].

Hunter > Ranger

Arrow Rain and Wild Burst. The command to lear Wild Burst is [nya!rpg study wild burst].

Using these: [nya!rpg fm arrow rain] and [nya!rpg fm wild burst].

Mage > Arch-Mage

Soul Seeker and Storm Shout. The command to learn Storm Shout is [nya!rpg study storm shout].

Using these: [nya!rpg fm soul seeker] and [nya!rpg fm storm shout].

Priest > Divine Prophet

Healing Touch and Holy Light. The command to learn Holy Light is [nya!rpg study holy light].

Using these: [nya!rpg heal p] or [nya!rpg heal p (@player name)] and [nya!rpg fm holy light].

Warrior > Knight

Lost Blade and Rampage. The command to learn Rampage is [nya!rpg study rampage].

Using these: [nya!rpg fm lost blade] and [nya!rpg fm rampage].

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