Character Class Skills were recently released, here are the basic of each Class and their Skills

Warrior Skill

Lost Blade (patk)

Summon a phantom blade to strike and pierce the boss, lowers the bosses defence by 15%.

Rampage (patk)

Increases your attack by 40%, stun bar +20%, if attack is crit increase by 80% instead.

Mage Skill

Soul Seeker (matk)

Deals 80% normal magic damage, heals you by 10% (matk) and deflects 10% (boss atk) damage.

Storm Shout (matk)

Increases your DEF by 20% and lowered boss defence by 30%

Assassin Skill

Spectral Slash (matk)

Avoids all damage from the boss, deals 55% normal matk

Back Slash (patk)

Avoids all damage and attacks the boss from behind dealing 20% extra crit damage.

Hunter Skill

Arrow Rain (patk)

Deals 60% normal patk and lowers boss def by 20%

Wild Burst (patk)

Deals 170% normal patk but lowers your def by 85%

Priest Skill

Healing Touch (matk)

Heals yourself or another player for 100% matk.

Holy Light (matk)

Heals all players that have attacked the boss, healing them 75% matk and dealing 10% damage to the boss with deflecting 15% damage away from yourself.

Brute Skill

Force Crush (patk)

Lowers bosses defence by 40% patk, dealing 50% patk, increases stun bar by 10%.

Breaking Blade (patk)

Lowers the bosses attack by 15%, increases boss stun bar by 45%

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